Dancing In The Stars

Returning to my laptop, my secretary that guided me through my last adventures in looking for love after divorce for the past 8 years I felt it was time to reach into that cyberspace once again. All those stars out there, the many men and women looking to find that one that would make their lives bright; it was time to start dancing again.

“WINKS” as they are referred to on the online dating sites provide an initial introduction to a person letting them know they are interested in beginning a connection. I would like to refer to them as ‘BLINKS” because that is how fast it is to connect and then disconnect.

My very first “Wink” A man in his fifties. Tall, dark, and with a full head of hair, separated, no kids.

His profile reads: The calendar has again turned the page on another season. What do these pages hold in store for us? Shall we find out together? Yet another spring is slowly turning into summer. The spring plants are thirsty for the rains to renew their blossoms. Without the raid no plants will grow and no flowers will bloom. We also need something to refresh and renew our spirits. Are you thirsty for a relationship that will refresh your soul and renew that spirit?

Interesting, thoughtful and a touch of femininity. These words were lovely but I wanted a “man’s man” Someone who would pick me up off that dance floor with force and strength catapult me into a relationship that would equal the passion of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. I didn’t think he was the Burton type. With a BLINK I decided not to respond.

I found out that it was impossible to reply to all the would be suitors out in”cyberspace” I knew it was unkind and I am typically a nice person but it became exhausting. I could now understand how a literary agent felt; receiving countless queries from wannabe authors, in hopes their manuscripts- and in this case, profiles- would not be another heap of meaningless script tossed in the slush pile. I had to do some tossing…Moving On.

WINK #2 “Some kinda ecstasy gotta a hold on me”

WINK#3 “Heart has healed and ready to make friends”

WINK #4 “No job, no car, live with parents”


WINK#5 A 65-year-old widowed man from Seattle

His profile read: Release the past. Live in today. Plan for tomorrow. Love starts with a smile. developed with a kiss, and ends with a tear. The romance is in the kiss…only kindred sprits should apply!

Good solid advice, I thought so I kept reading.

My closest friends describe me as funny, creative, and passionate about living. I’m just a nice gut who smiles a lot and loves life. I have had a charmed life. I met the girl I was born to love and we had a fairytale romance for 35 years. She passed away 8 years ago and now it is time for me to move on…she would have wanted it that way. I am ready to dance.

AH! NO BLINK HERE…A potential partner


Ann Reichardt

relationship coach






Two years had passed since my last attempt to be a couple with a man that promised love ever after. That was not to be. I was feeling the loss again. A different kind of grief but a sense of sadness nonetheless.

As the months being by myself passed, I was starting to feel lonely. I missed having someone in my life, even if it was temporary. I desired those moments again. Once again I perused the online dating sites. OMG, the number of online options had increased significantly since my last go round.

with excitement and enthusiasm, I approached the process as enlightening and fun this time. My laptop was open and eager to click away. Here I go again, I thought. I wondered who would be new on the scene. I was alone now- not lonely, but alone and I wanted to share my time with someone I could deeply care about.

My profile was reactivated and reflected with aging, there is a whole new set of rules about seeking companionship. I was now looking for security in knowing there would be someone there in time of need.”I have fallen and can’t get up!” That life alert button by itself may not be the safety net for one’s survival.

We humans are not designed to be alone. Yes, I sometimes protested that I was happy in my independence with the freedom to do as I pleased, but I always felt that desire to be a couple. It seemed to be a bigger need as I approached retirement. I was now applying for social security and medicare. Those fragile years of declining health. But is this reason enough to look for someone?

I believe now that I was looking for more than that. A friend of mine compared love and companionship. He quipped. “Love is meant to be more than having a safety net, that companion. A pet can provide that. A “Lover” will give you more. Remember that Annie.”

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Auditioning New Dancers

After revisiting a few of my previous dates I found that it is never the same the second time around.

As I settled into my life as a single senior I decided to sign up once again on an internet dating site. Who would be new to this game? Would I see some of the same guys that were there 8 years ago and would they recognize me and wonder why I hadn’t found love yet?

My profile needed to be rewritten. The words would have to be modified to to suit my desires now . My misconceptions and preconceived notions about dating again had changed I was smarter now. I would be more careful about who I selected but also more open to those that I wouldn’t have chosen the first time around.

“So I Think I Can Dance” It read:

Im back and eager to meet someone who has similar interests and perspective on life. I am interested in finding someone to spend quality time together through travel, conversation, athletic events, performing arts and the like while maintaining independence. I like interdependence,respect, love, and honoring all that each will bring to a relationship. Our respective families should always be included as they have formed our lives and the rich history that is important to me. I have always approached life as a wonderful learning process and I know people enter our lives for a reason to fill a present need. I would like to fill that void in someone’s life. I thought I could dance the first time on this floor of love and I did, but those final steps need perfecting with that one final dance partner. Are you him?

Done…all signed up My New Dance Card was ready for auditioning. Would my next dancer be a ballroom dance? Mambo, Foxtrot, Samba, Merengue perhaps? Or another form of creative movement such as Jazz, Ballet, Tap or lyrical? Back to the computer,and the clicking of that mouse begins…


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Mr. Jitterbug… (cont.)

“Baby cakes, where are you?” My bluetooth buzzing Mr Jitterbug called anxiously awaiting my arrival. He continued in a phrenetic tone. “What kind of wine do you like? I’m going to the market. What’s your favorite cheese my Wisconsin girl? A bit of a dig regarding my Midwest accent.

Arriving at the restaurant in the heart of Milwaukee there was my jitterbug;sprinting to my car, disheveled  hair, baggy jeans and teeshirt with flip-flops. With a grand bowing posture he opened my door to greet me with a huge boyish grin. He was a “Hot Mess”

Taking my arm we entered the little bistro. He was in motion once again sprinting to the counter ordered for both of us. “Watcha think Annie? Are we a match?”

Cute but silly I thought for a 50 something man. He clearly was a little boy in a mans body.

“Give me some time to check on your table manners.” I replied

On to the art museum and then to a local bar for a few more refreshments; he a few brews, me a glass of wine. This felt more like being buddies at a post athletic event; shoot the shit, drink too much and make fools of ourselves. This would be considered the 3rd date for Mr. Jitterbug. He downed a few more beers and his energetic self became more subdued and less interested in me. I was his drinking buddy for the night and the idea of a 4th or 5th date diminished.

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Mr Rumba… Titillating

The weeks flew by and my search seemed endless. Many new faces appeared on the online dating site, all seeming to beg for that chance to put on their dancing shoes in hopes of taking a trial spin with someone new- male models, judges, physicians, dentists, pilots, corporate executives, sailors, bikers, teachers, artists, educators, farmers, laborers, firefighters, venture capitalist and the list goes on and on. Funny, I thought, how we are defined by the jobs we do.

Along came the next entry onto my dance card.  Mr. Rumba. It was clear that the picture posted on the profiles were the draw. No matter how well written that profile was it was the visual photo that would be the most important part of creating initial interest. His was undeniably appealing. An instant chemical attraction I couldn’t deny streaming over these waves of telecommunication.

” Squeeze every drop out of life” it read “Starting a new chapter in life but not willing to “settle” for settlings sake. I’m a marathon junkie: I do iron man races and any marathon available around the world.

He winked and sent an email to me:” Hello, loved your picture and profile. “I was reading and I thought to myself “perfect” Tell me more about yourself.”

Our dance began. The Rumba is the dance of love, sexy, electrifying and emotional. Our connection was much like this dance. It began initially centered around a mutual love of our dogs. His was an aging labrador and mine a new puppy. Common interests were important, I found out, to at least open up a conversation to pave the way for other more intimate dialogue. Those dialogues were soon to follow.

Our texts and emails  and phone calls became numerous. Checking our calendars we decided to meet. He was willing to make the 4 hour drive to see me. I was impressed.

The first cache onto our dance floor was deliriously intoxicating. We were in lust with each other.

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The Yacht… The Robe

At the end of the pier a magnificent craft was was moored. The sleek lines of this custom yacht oozed celebrity, fame and fortune. Greeted by a uniformed captain we entered a new stage of the life of this performer.

“Annie welcome to my home away from home. Please let’s get you out of those wet clothes. My staff will provide you with something warm.”

“Lovely! This is spectacular, Mr. Ballet. I am speechless.”

As I was escorted to the sleeping quarters for a change of clothes, I wondered what he had in mind?  Was I just another understudy ballerina to practice his pirouettes, double, and triples? I didn’t think that was his intent, but I was pretty much captive, I didn’t want to leave this fanciful world.

Presented with a beautiful, soft velour white robe, I was reminded of the black fluffy robe that I wore with Mr. Waltz, a previous dancer. I thought it was mine alone back then but soon found out that that wasn’t the case: it had been worn by many others.

Mr. Ballet appeared wearing his own white robe For three hours we chatted about the days events while sipping flutes of sparkling champagne. He was in a league of his own-professional league, and I was the rookie for the night.

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