Next Profiles of Discourage

Back to my secretary, my mac book air, the only friend I had over the years in assisting in finding a man. Someone who would fit in my new life. Ah so man profiles to peruse. It was getting to be a job. Why are there so many of us out there? Single and alone. I moved on to the next profile.

It read: ” Former Geek continuing transformation. Now sensitive, eclectic, and brainy is good- who knew? I’m charming,funny, witty and polite. Really! Mom said so! Actually so do my friends and coworkers(all partnered, no help there). Don’t live with my parents or friends. Sorry not a fan of coffee. ( I know that’s a big one) I have never been arrested or spent time in jail. I don’t sew or crochet. The first thing I notice is a woman’s hands. Yes seriously. I will add other things as we go through the journey.

No I don’t have a motorcycle and no plans to ever get one. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings. Yes I wear glasses, not contacts(the geek in me), I have all my limbs and no dentures( yes I was once asked that). Have never done drugs. Yes, I have a job and get paid.”

I thought silly profile but kinda cute. His message sure got my attention and made me smile I wondered if he really was geeky. Was he highly intellectual. By joining  any dating site there is a sense of non commitment and safety in just the written word. Could he handle the challenge of meeting someone face-to-face? I decided to play that “waiting game” with him. That time between reading and responding: hitting that reply button. You never know who will be interested.


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Mr. Jazz ( analytical dancer)

Exhausted after my ordeal with Mr. Hustle, I became disheartened and disappointed in not finding someone who was real, normal, trustworthy and compatible. Was it at all possible? I remained optimistic and returned to the digital  mindset of todays world. Opening up my Mac laptop I would begin my search again.

The next profile made me smile;

“Life can be easy, especially when you are in a little black dress.” He was 50 years old, divorced, two children.

I continued to read because I LOVED my little black dresses.

“Love my ex-wife. Don’t regret any of it. Okay here is the meat and potatoes of my profile:

What I’m really looking for is a drama queen, someone who needs constant attention, complains I never leave them alone. Someone who is never satisfied with life. Someone who looks terrible in a little black dress and just as bad in t-shirt and jeans. You must hate to go out for a night on the town and really hate staying at home snuggling on the couch. Oh and yes, kids and family are not important to you at all. Must have loads and loads of baggage. I will allow three checked bags and two carry-ons. Sound good? Send me an email. Scratch that whole looking bad in a little black dress thing. I’m a guy and really like the way a woman wears a little black dress, or whatever color dress… or nothing at all. Are we clear on that?”

Yup, I was totally clear on that and up for the challenges. I winked, Not Blinked and sent a quick message.

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Mr. Hustle (cont.)

Her name was Sylvia, she was from Argentina. An international Bridge player who connected with Walum (will always love you more) She tried to warn me about this guy, he was not truthful about anything in his life,  particularly about his wife being dead.

I hadn’t assigned him a dance name in the beginning but I soon found out that Hustle was appropriate. Apparently he wooed women with his deceptive stories, all for sexual encounters. I would be leery of this player but I wanted to continue to follow him to see if  my Argentinian friend was right.

Sylvia and I chatted frequently about her plight… He had promised her a lifetime of love and happiness. She traveled to see him in the States and connected intimately. She was “IN LOVE” This lie became evident on her return to her homeland. He didn’t call her, he connected with other women through the Bridge site casting his spells on them, much like Sylvia. Poor lonely hearts.

Sylvia would now try to let all the other unsuspecting women of this guys game. And she did. Messaging all the ladies he frequently played Bridge with, Mr. Hustle’s wife was alive and he did not have children nor was he employed. He was questionable for an STD or God forbid another life threatening sexually transmitted disease.

Thank you Sylvia… You are fearless.

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The Waltz… Romantic Rhetoric

My dance with Mr. Waltz was sexy romanic and intoxicating. He was oh so young! I had that Gut feeling we all hear about when something is amiss. I didn’t follow my gut with Mr. Waltz. The sensuous talk, romantic interludes and chemistry didn’t allow for any rational thinking. I didn’t care really. All I wanted was someone to show me the love and attention that was missing for so long in my life.

It takes time to get over that passionate phase in a relationship. It took me 2 years to be exact. That’s what all the relationship experts tell you. 12 to 18 months and that dopamine phase is the drug .. all powerful overriding any logical thinking about who we are as individuals let alone potential partners. I was smothered with this hormone and its effects on me were addicting. He was addicting, BUT…

The time arrives when that intoxicating drug levels off..the next phase in a relationship becomes paramount in assessing situations better. The Companionate phase …No longer consumed by the love potion, the ugly warts become visible for both parties. I was seeing a lot of warts and they needed to be excised

Mr. Waltz had some doozies and I didn’t find out until way into our relationship.

Imagine finding out the guy your sleeping with was incarcerated at one point in is life and not just for something petty. All I could think of “Was he someones BITCH?  I was afraid now and needed to cleanse myself of this soiled relationship.

Understanding past events that form who we are as individuals, we have to decide if we can accept those personalities and will they be the best fit for partnering.

He would be the last dancer on my “Love Card” There were ten guys and they all provided me with great insight into who I am and what I want in a relationship. The steps it took to find out were all necessary for me to understand the importance of being selective. Will I open up a new “DANCE CARD”? The options are endless….



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Mr. Tango

With Mr. Slow gone from my life I felt it necessary to wait a month or two before venturing into the pool again. I dove too deep into the online dating too soon. I was newly separated and all I wanted was someone to lift me up, cherish me and boost that ego once again. Mr. Slow was the perfect entrée into dating again. He was wonderful but we weren’t in line with anything longterm.

Once I decide it was time to return I entered with more realistic expectations in looking for the right partner.

Mr. Tango would be my next enlistment on my dance card. As they say it does “take two to tango” This guy looked ideal on screen; handsome, tall and athletic and very well groomed. He posted professional pictures to the site, 10 to be exact and all a bit too perfect.

In his profile he was precise, possibly a bit analytical and organized as evidence by his pictures. An engineer perhaps? He spoke of his many accomplishments; building grand homes around the little community he lived. Reading on I detected a hint of religious fervor with phrases such as “God is good” Praise the lord” and ” faith be with you”

We connected and decided to meet. The usual scenario; lunch or coffee. It was a long distance drive for both. I was excited and the drive seemed long. My anxiousness required  a few stops along the way to relieve my nervous bladder.

As I drove into the parking lot to the restaurant I was greeted by Mr. Tango..his first words to me were… “You have the exact same car I bought my wife before we separated.”

Oh my, I thought, what an introduction! This set the tone for the conversation. It was not a good one. The entire luncheon centered around Mr. Tango; his sad “feel sorry for me” His wife had left him. He went on and on about being such a big wig in his community.

Never asked me a damn thing about my life. I listened wondering if he ever would inquire about me? He didn’t.

I left that luncheon disappointed not because I felt rejected but quite frankly he was a “schmuck” with a head bigger than any mother would want to deliver.

Mr. Ballet… Waiting for the Performance

Mr. Ballet seemed to be the perfect classically trained dancer. He had the strength to lift the swan, the prima ballerina to higher ground. I was that ballerina during the frightening moments of the flight; he placed me on steady ground. Now I was hoping for more… lifts on level ground. I was ready to perform multiple fouettes and leap into his arms, and possibly his Heart.

Unlike the usual winks and flattering pleasantries of online chats to impress one another, our meeting was organic.  No reestablishing groundwork typical of a first date. A first time vulnerable experience opened up my insecurities to a complete stranger. He’d seen me at my worst and now it was time to show my other normal side. I hoped he’d be impressed.

He’d invited me to his performance that night. I’d be a spectator at the ballet; ready to examine all of his moves. Should I wear that little black dress that I’d worn so often on my first dates. I was thinking I needed to replace the old model, something with a little more flair, but still classy. Perhaps a little white dress was in order. Time to discard the old and begin anew. I felt refreshed in body, mind, and soul washed clean from all the leftover soil from past dancers. I would be the swan opening her wings to embrace the new dance of the Ballet. MAGNIFIQUE!

The Flight…

After a bevy of conversations with Mr. Pasa Doble, we both decided it was time to meet. Maybe for a facial rejuvenation consult or maybe just to meet. It would give me an excuse to travel to Seattle.

I decided to bite the bullet; booking a flight, preparing once again for the  unknown, I felt it necessary to let someone know  what I was up to. I notified my sister and she offered to come along. I reassured her I would be fine. After all how old was I? Geez

I packed my bags, mostly casual attire, along with one cute little black dress. This would be the first time that I’d travel a long distance to meet someone I’d never met. I wasn’t fearful, oddly enough, not even apprehensive, only excited.

The takeoff was smooth…but as we climbed it got bumpy! The winds whipped the plane around  as if I were on a roller coaster ride at Six Flags. I wasn’t a big fan of thrill seeking rides so I was nervous. I thought ” I’m going to die. How could I jeopardize my life for someone I’d never met?”

Grabbing the arm rest; clawing my nails deep as if I were at the dentists getting a root canal without Novocain!  I felt dread, anxiety and physically sick as my 63 years flashed before my eyes. The thrashing of luggage in the overhead bins, beverage carts flying down the narrow aisle only increased my fear.

DING! The seat belt sign illuminated. The pilot announced the turbulence would continue for another 30 minutes.  That didn’t seem to calm my anxieties any. I glanced at the passenger next to me. I wondered. Who is he? Is he meeting a loved one at the end of this crazy ride? Were we going to die together?

He looked my way and noticed my concern and began to talk to me, maybe to try and calm my anxieties. I didn’t want to talk. I was not processing, Small talk was not a good distraction for me. I couldn’t respond.

There was huge dip and plunge and then a leveling off of the plane. My heart jumped into my throat. I really couldn’t speak now! I wanted to vomit.

My aisle mate grabbed my hand with reassurance and swaddle me as if I were a child. I felt such gratitude; I was not alone.


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