Ann Reichardt

Bio: Artist, author, athlete, nurse, mother, lover of nature, performer, creative in thought and productive in life. Ann is a divorced mother of 2. As a retired registered nurse and former educator of the arts, she has produced numerous paintings and graphic prints along with graphite drawings compiled in several children's books as well as poetry. As an author she delves into the human psyche regarding relationships as a young girl and now as an older mature adult, reentering that world of love and romance. The tales are all chronicled in her series of books of midlife self discovery after the dissolution of a long term marriage. With point blank insight and sexual intrigue she questions the notion of finding love after weaving through this new dance floor of love . "The Dance Card" her expressive narrative nonfiction opens her up to vulnerabilities and cautionary tales inherent in modern day romance

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. We do have similar stories. I am intrigued that your path seems to have taken you into the dating world whereas mine has not – by choice. For the first time I am tasting the sweet flavour of singledom. 🙂
    I look forward to reading more blog posts from you. It is interesting that you are writing eight years down the track so you are actually far far ahead of me.
    Best wishes


  2. Hi Annie,
    Happy birthday! You were the last of our “little group on Soo Marie” to turn an age (Penny 11/13, Gary 3/22, and me 4/13). Have a super day–many happy returns!


  3. I am doing well, and hope you are, too! I’m considering retiring (I’m a reading specialist), but haven’t made up my mind yet! I guess that means I’m not ready! I agree with you that we did have a wonderful childhood–when I see what kids today have to deal with, I realize I didn’t appreciate it enough.

    You are an amazing writer! I enjoyed your first book, and am anxious to read what comes next!


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