Mr Rumba… Titillating

The weeks flew by and my search seemed endless. Many new faces appeared on the online dating site, all seeming to beg for that chance to put on their dancing shoes in hopes of taking a trial spin with someone new- male models, judges, physicians, dentists, pilots, corporate executives, sailors, bikers, teachers, artists, educators, farmers, laborers, firefighters, venture capitalist and the list goes on and on. Funny, I thought, how we are defined by the jobs we do.

Along came the next entry onto my dance card.  Mr. Rumba. It was clear that the picture posted on the profiles were the draw. No matter how well written that profile was it was the visual photo that would be the most important part of creating initial interest. His was undeniably appealing. An instant chemical attraction I couldn’t deny streaming over these waves of telecommunication.

” Squeeze every drop out of life” it read “Starting a new chapter in life but not willing to “settle” for settlings sake. I’m a marathon junkie: I do iron man races and any marathon available around the world.

He winked and sent an email to me:” Hello, loved your picture and profile. “I was reading and I thought to myself “perfect” Tell me more about yourself.”

Our dance began. The Rumba is the dance of love, sexy, electrifying and emotional. Our connection was much like this dance. It began initially centered around a mutual love of our dogs. His was an aging labrador and mine a new puppy. Common interests were important, I found out, to at least open up a conversation to pave the way for other more intimate dialogue. Those dialogues were soon to follow.

Our texts and emails  and phone calls became numerous. Checking our calendars we decided to meet. He was willing to make the 4 hour drive to see me. I was impressed.

The first cache onto our dance floor was deliriously intoxicating. We were in lust with each other.

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The Two Step

Back to my lap top of potential romantic choices. The profiles were numerous. Many men in their 50’s mostly divorced some widowed and a few just separated like myself.

Reading the many dossiers of the lovelorn was starting to be a job! So many men and women pouring out their hearts and souls onto that virtual page. We were all vying for that next applicant to invite into our lives.

“Winks” were coming in now; that first introduction from someone wanting to say hello but are afraid to leave a message. Perhaps we are all a little guarded for fear of not being noticed or rejected if we make the first move. That is the new way of dating. Technology has provided so many advances as a whole but in the realm of love it only serves to distance two people allowing connecting without commitment.

Mr. Two Step approached me. Shocker!  His profile read: “The Feeling Is Gone And I Want It Back. My 30 minute infomercial: extra for shipping and handling. Guarantee option available. I am rather tall (6′ 6”) not overweight just over tall. He sent a quick text saying he liked my profile and would like to begin a conversation.

This guy was cute, but too young …46 years old. Wasn’t sure I wanted to respond but good ole Annie was raised to be polite. I winked.

His response “So you like tall men?”

I responded, “yes but they have to have substance.”

This began our clever dialogue for the night. We decide to meet.

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Mr. Tango

With Mr. Slow gone from my life I felt it necessary to wait a month or two before venturing into the pool again. I dove too deep into the online dating too soon. I was newly separated and all I wanted was someone to lift me up, cherish me and boost that ego once again. Mr. Slow was the perfect entrée into dating again. He was wonderful but we weren’t in line with anything longterm.

Once I decide it was time to return I entered with more realistic expectations in looking for the right partner.

Mr. Tango would be my next enlistment on my dance card. As they say it does “take two to tango” This guy looked ideal on screen; handsome, tall and athletic and very well groomed. He posted professional pictures to the site, 10 to be exact and all a bit too perfect.

In his profile he was precise, possibly a bit analytical and organized as evidence by his pictures. An engineer perhaps? He spoke of his many accomplishments; building grand homes around the little community he lived. Reading on I detected a hint of religious fervor with phrases such as “God is good” Praise the lord” and ” faith be with you”

We connected and decided to meet. The usual scenario; lunch or coffee. It was a long distance drive for both. I was excited and the drive seemed long. My anxiousness required  a few stops along the way to relieve my nervous bladder.

As I drove into the parking lot to the restaurant I was greeted by Mr. Tango..his first words to me were… “You have the exact same car I bought my wife before we separated.”

Oh my, I thought, what an introduction! This set the tone for the conversation. It was not a good one. The entire luncheon centered around Mr. Tango; his sad “feel sorry for me” His wife had left him. He went on and on about being such a big wig in his community.

Never asked me a damn thing about my life. I listened wondering if he ever would inquire about me? He didn’t.

I left that luncheon disappointed not because I felt rejected but quite frankly he was a “schmuck” with a head bigger than any mother would want to deliver.

THE DANCE CARD Looking for Love After Divorce

“The Dance Card” Looking For Love After Divorce;  Ann Reichardt’s memoir speaks to the human psyche regarding relationships. It is her story of midlife self discovery after the dissolution of a long term marriage. Offering insight and intrigue, she questions the notion of finding love again after ‘weaving through the new dance floor of love’and goes in depth about online dating.

After  30 plus years working in health care as a registered nurse Ann decides she is ready to put down her stethoscope and join the literary world.

” My book seeks to inspire others to break barriers in relationships. Sometimes we are afraid to move forward again after a loss. Mine was 30 years of being in a committed monogamous marriage and it was thrown away much like society is today. Everything is disposable.  As a 56 year old I knew that I had a third of my life left and I really didn’t want to be alone. It is a couples society and the single world was difficult. We must break away from past hurts and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to the possibility of finding love again. My stories are vignette style , sexy, romantic, yet cautionary tales of searching for that perfect partner in life and love. Dancing is a beautiful form of art and dating became like a dance. All the steps we must learn to become a complete unified partnership are important for finishing that perfect dance with that perfect partner.

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Mr. Hustle… Dance Of Deception

Returning home I opened up the online dating site once again.

I was back in the saddle again. Searching for my next ride into unchartered terrain.

The next profile read: “I would rather be happy than right.”

I am successful, sincere, reliable, and caring. I work hard and I play hard. I am looking for adult conversation that could build into a relationship. 64 years old, widowed with four kids, professional bridge player. Hey perhaps you could come to visit me, I have the boat, the home, the entertainment. I don’t want to invest the time on dialogue on this site so let’s just meet and begin there.

Bridge player? What kind of profession is that? I hated bridge. My sisters and brothers play.Duplicate and master bridge players. The hours spent sitting around a card table arguing over playing the wrong cards or tricks or whatever … was not my idea of fun.

I was thinking this was not the guy for me… I would rather play Ring Around The Rosy then London Bridges Falling Down. But I did respond politely:

“I know nothing about this card game… I prefer more active endeavors.”

His response was quick: “I play for fun on an online site much like the dating sites. I could teach you, set up a username. Mine is WALUM it stands for ” Will always love you more” in reference to my wife who passed. Let’s call you “Jolie” meaning pretty. I know that you are pretty my sweet one.”

After chatting on line I felt his pain. Loss of a wife, caring for 4 children, single parent, working hard to support them. He had me by my heartstrings… I would learn the game of Bridge.

We began a flirtatious dialogue through my lessons online, but as we got to know each other only through the game site, his seductive overtones were becoming more and more blatant.

As I learned more about this site I would play with others, join tables, particularly women. I noticed how often Walum played with other women and when… there was a pattern. I followed his pattern.

Chatting through the site while playing was interesting. Meeting people from around the globe. Then that One message came in from a username unfamiliar to me

It said: “Sweet thing be careful. AIDS. His wife is not dead”

What did all this mean?

Follow tomorrow for the rest of this story…

Ann Reichardt

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The Yacht… The Robe

At the end of the pier a magnificent craft was was moored. The sleek lines of this custom yacht oozed celebrity, fame and fortune. Greeted by a uniformed captain we entered a new stage of the life of this performer.

“Annie welcome to my home away from home. Please let’s get you out of those wet clothes. My staff will provide you with something warm.”

“Lovely! This is spectacular, Mr. Ballet. I am speechless.”

As I was escorted to the sleeping quarters for a change of clothes, I wondered what he had in mind?  Was I just another understudy ballerina to practice his pirouettes, double, and triples? I didn’t think that was his intent, but I was pretty much captive, I didn’t want to leave this fanciful world.

Presented with a beautiful, soft velour white robe, I was reminded of the black fluffy robe that I wore with Mr. Waltz, a previous dancer. I thought it was mine alone back then but soon found out that that wasn’t the case: it had been worn by many others.

Mr. Ballet appeared wearing his own white robe For three hours we chatted about the days events while sipping flutes of sparkling champagne. He was in a league of his own-professional league, and I was the rookie for the night.

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