Just Another Swan…

I prepared to leave this memorable city. I felt sad knowing that the likelihood of reconnecting with Mr. Ballet held only a glimmer of hope. How did he feel? Maybe I was just another swan along with Mr. Ballet’s migration though his flights of fancy. I had to assume that and regard this connection as a positive memory. no regrets.

I boarded the plane thinking that we’d somehow see one another again. He did call to wish me adieu but never proclaimed his affection for me. I understood. What would become of Mr. Ballet?

I could never get used to a life filled with detached rendezvous, exciting at the outset but meaningless in the end. Gladly I returned to my own routine. It felt as though I had flown to France and back. I needed a rest. My thoughts of NOT returning to my dating site would only limit the possibilities of really finding that one person that would be my life long partner.  Back to  “the profiles.”

Find out what happened to Mr. Ballet in Ann Reichardt’s new book “The New Dance Card” Looking For Love Online. The second of 3 book series of looking for love at any age. The first book ” The Dance Card” Looking For Love After Divorce give clues in finding and maintaining a relationship. All the steps needed to take to find that right fit. Her stories are chronicled in an eight year journey of online dating. Giving her suitors alter ego names associated with a particular dance. Each new date(dancer) enter the dating floor with completely different moves.

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The Performance… On and Off the Stage

The passion was out of control. The night was filled with performances of unexpected delight. The stage was set for an evening of romance. The seductive moves were intoxicating! I felt like a goddess. The white robes presented earlier would be our feather bed for the night. Soft and warm.

I was turned on by Mr. Ballet and all of his moves on and off the dance floor. Wrapping my arms around this magnificent man… the magic began. The performance and passion that night would remain a distant memory. A one time empowering performance, unleashing all desires to someone who in turn became powerless to my advances.

I was flying high again as if we were on another flight, much different from that initial first flight that brought us together. Was this fate? Perhaps.

To follow this romantic dancers moves Ann Reichardt’s second book “The New Dance Card” Looking For Love Online will be released this year. It is a follow up of her first released book”The Dance Card” Looking For Love After Divorce.

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The Ballet… White Silk and Lace

The night was spectacular watching Mr. Ballet perform with perfection and intellectual magnetism! What Brilliance!  Applause and standing ovation. I was feeling quite special; a VIP with a back stage pass. I made my way to the wings of the dressing room. The lights of the dressing room were blinding.   So many colorful costumes of tulle, silk and lace.

Wearing my own white lace dress I felt like one of them, a star. Now to be accompanied by my own star of the show.  Mr. Ballet. He gently touched my arm  presented me with a beautiful long stem red rose  and said “I want to take you somewhere special.”  We walked together arm in arm down the rain soaked pavement of this beautiful city. The streets were illuminated by the  streetlights reflections  in the pools of water that drenched the sidewalks.

The drizzle pranced on our bodies and I wasn’t feeling all that glamorous anymore but it didn’t matter He’d already seen me at my worst. Placing his jacket over my shoulders we ran through the raindrops escaping the approaching downpour. My new white dress looked less pristine.

Briskly trotting to our mystery destination, I thought about how we’d met 30,000 feet above ground. He was now guiding me through the streets of the waters edge. My footing became a bit unsteady. The sidewalks turned into large wooden planks with gaps revealing the churning seas below. The smells of the ocean were overwhelming! Where on earth is he taking me?. I followed with heightened anticipation in hopes that this pier led to safe, warm and dry conditions.

To find out where Annie is taken be sure to follow her in her soon to be released Book “The New Dance Card” Looking For Love Online. The follow up of “The Dance Card” Looking for Love After Divorce available now on Amazon.com, Apple I-tunes, Barnes& Noble, Kindle and Nook

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Mr. Ballet… Waiting for the Performance

Mr. Ballet seemed to be the perfect classically trained dancer. He had the strength to lift the swan, the prima ballerina to higher ground. I was that ballerina during the frightening moments of the flight; he placed me on steady ground. Now I was hoping for more… lifts on level ground. I was ready to perform multiple fouettes and leap into his arms, and possibly his Heart.

Unlike the usual winks and flattering pleasantries of online chats to impress one another, our meeting was organic.  No reestablishing groundwork typical of a first date. A first time vulnerable experience opened up my insecurities to a complete stranger. He’d seen me at my worst and now it was time to show my other normal side. I hoped he’d be impressed.

He’d invited me to his performance that night. I’d be a spectator at the ballet; ready to examine all of his moves. Should I wear that little black dress that I’d worn so often on my first dates. I was thinking I needed to replace the old model, something with a little more flair, but still classy. Perhaps a little white dress was in order. Time to discard the old and begin anew. I felt refreshed in body, mind, and soul washed clean from all the leftover soil from past dancers. I would be the swan opening her wings to embrace the new dance of the Ballet. MAGNIFIQUE!

Mr. Ballet… Romantic Dancer

My new dance partner; Mr. Ballet- my frenchman.The word ballet comes from the French with origins in Italian and Latin, meaning” to dance.” It is a dance for performance that has become highly technical; requiring training and ongoing practice.

The flight was over. Would I ever see him again? I really wanted to continue with this man. But with a polite “Pleasure to meet you,” and ” I hope you have a great time in the city.” Mr. Ballet slipped from his seat exiting the plane.

I was hoping he might venture to ask for my contact information. Was it too bold of me to ask him? I wanted to dance the ballet with this Frenchman, so I scribbled my name and number on a chewing gum wrapper. I handed it to him and profusely thanked him for being so kind to me.

He politely accepted it with a grand smile and said ” Merci, ma cherie. I shall call you.” Oh the sensation…I felt like a teenager meeting my first date at a recreation center, holding a dance card. I was alive, literally and figuratively. On the ground but flying high once again.

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Ann Reichardt is  a retired registered nurse and educator, author, artist and athlete. She resides in Scottsdale Arizona

Contact: anniereichardt@gmail.com


Decisions decisions…Shall I meet the man from the online dating site, Mr.Pasa Doble ? The plastic surgeon who could transform me into a more youthful Annie .Or will I choose this new “gent” from my flight of vulnerabilities? What dance would I assign this professional dancer? Would it be a dance to finish unlike the others? 

Ann Reichardt’s last 8 years of looking for love after her marriage failed has been a  journey of midlife self discovery.

THE DANCE CARD.Looking For Love After Divorce is available now on Amaxon.com, Barnes&Noble, Apple itunes, Kindle and Nook