The Dance Card Looking For Love After Divorce Im Back


After a whirlwind media tour of my book “The Dance Card” Looking For Love after Divorce, I have found myself relocating to another part of the country. From my midwest roots to the vibrancy of the Southwest……The question is… Will there be more romantic options out here ? Still single and looking for love

The task has been enjoyable and filled with characters worthy of their own stories. But before I proceed. To all those men and women finding themselves in a difficult life changing situations such as a Divorce and wondering if there is life after such a traumatic event. I want to assure you that THERE IS!

As you deal with the many stages of grieving over your loss, realize that you are ever evolving into a new and different individual. We all have so  much to offer and to think that the life that you led before should define who you are today only serves to restrict you from the positive and exciting things to come. I had to discover this for myself as you will too.

My newest publication on dating after divorce “The New Dance Card” Looking For Love Online  continues my 8 year journey searching for that right partner in love.

I chronicle my efforts in trying to find someone that fits within the framework of my life and his. But before opening my second “dance card” and auditioning new dates. I have revisited my first dance card and the 10 suitors  that were in my first book.Where are they now? Did we reconnect on a different level later? Any of them married? Fascinating, romantic and cautionary tales!

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