The days were creeping along so slowly. Examining my once happy life was my obsession. Those tears shed were drying now. My vessel was empty. Exhausted with no energy to replenish what was lost.

What went wrong? Was it me? Had I not fulfilled my part of this union in some way? Had I become less attractive, heavy perhaps? Time had not been my friend and those lines of aging could not be erased.

No longer that youthful energetic ideal. A replacement of all that was worn down after the many years of familiarity. Time for something more stimulating and new. That was my perspective.

Replaying those wonderful moments we shared together would only create a greater sorrow. I became defenseless. Frozen in time. Those days of waiting and wondering would he return? I had little recourse. Defense mechanisms stifled. The shock settled in. I needed defibrillating. My heart had gone cold and my head void of anything productive.


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