DAY ELEVEN: Resilience

Resilience… The inevitable ability to be knocked down by adversity and come back.

The biology of recovery depends on the circuitry of the cortex of our brain.

The path of electrical currents between reasoning and the areas of the limbic system.

Springing back to elasticity…. snapping all despair, conflict and isolation away.

In the face of past adversity… challenged to a deeper life satisfaction and happiness.

Amazing Sex Is My Blessing and Curse! From HuffPost Women

Happily Divorced and After

I thought this was a great article on HuffPost Women. Having passion with a guy does not necessarily make him relationship material. This is where many of us women get it wrong. Enjoy!


I lived the majority of my life with a “passion trumps all” mentality.

I would pass on any relationship that felt “ordinary” or predictable. If anyone wastotally into me, I had an allergic reaction, immediately running the other way.

I also chose ambiguous relationships where I never had any kind of conversation to figure out where I stood with a guy and, therefore, made lots of assumptions.

Often, when I wanted commitment, he would agree, but his actions never matched his promises.

I never wanted to seem too intense or be that “crazy girl,” so I kept quiet. But on the inside, my stomach was always in knots.

Quick flashback: I had ended a five-year relationship…

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DAY NINE: Broken

Separated… The cracks within our relationship would be difficult to repair.

A state I was denying.

Longing for the whole once again… beating myself up… mind scrambled.

Resistant to wanting the truth.

Knowing oneself paradigm.

Desires for all that is good is a human condition.

Rationality and self mastery temporarily lost.